It is a therapy that uses medicinal leeches (“Hirudina officinalis” and “Hirudina medicinalis”). The biologically active substances that make up the secretion of the salivary glands of leeches serve to disinfect the blood and saliva of leeches. But these substances are also indispensable for the treatments because they improve some properties of the blood, they affect the blood flow and the vascular walls.

They have an impact on the immune system and pathogenic microflora, and consequently have an anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and immunostimulatory effect. The group of enzymes, which act at the level of the wall of the blood vessels, has anti-atherosclerotic and anti-ischemic effects. And yet the group of enzymes, which influence blood and lymph circulation, are useful to a patient for its hypotensive effect and lymphatic flow accelerator.

In our pets are used to treat otohematomas, acute pain of orthopedic origin, Necrotic / ischemic lesions.

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