As its name indicates is a change in the method of traditional use of acupuncture in which in addition to the needles we resort to the use of own devices that convey electrical stimulation
Prolotherapy, also known as injectable regeneration therapy, consists of an infiltrative, non-surgical procedure, developed over 60 years ago, aimed at curing tendon and ligament injuries that lead to chronic pain.

The changes resulting from the application of injections duplicate the regenerative capacity of tissues that are not vascularized, and this occurs at the same moment that the capillary bed widens after the injury. However, this capillary bed shows a new decrease in less than two weeks. Thus, in order to maintain the capillarity of the tissue in question as well as to improve the healing process, it is necessary to perform applications periodically, after weeks or months, varying according to the response of each patient.

The technique is used in particular in patellar (or kneecap) dislocation, humeral dislocation or subluxation, treatment of ligament hyperextension resulting from hip dysplasia for example.

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