Gold Bead Implants
Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Gold Implants are small gold filaments of specific caliber. They are inserted through a proper applicator and once applied they are considered permanent.

The effect of gold has been known for decades and its use remains in human medicine. The articular pathologies (Hip and elbow dysplasia, arthroses, spondyloses) were initially treated and those that are widely documented in Veterinary Medicine. Its effects are superior to the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications.

Recently the mechanism of action of Gold has been described allowing its use and recommendation with success in autoimmune pathologies: Lupus, Stomatite-Lymphoplasmacytic Feline and others as is the case of Epilepsy.

It is based on the most recent studies that ZENVET recommends and applies Gold Implants not only on the basis of Acupuncture Point Theory but may be considered a form of permanent Acupuncture.
Since the implementation of the Gold Implants, ZENVET has treated hundreds of patients with a high percentage of success.

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