Ozone therapy is the set of techniques that use Ozone as a therapeutic agent in a large number of pathologies. It is a totally natural therapy with few contraindications and minimal side effects, as long as performed correctly.

The history of ozone therapy begins in Germany. The precursor of the use of Ozone was Werner von Siemens, who in 1857 built the first induction tube of Ozone administration for the destruction of microorganisms. From World War II it was forbidden to use it in the USA for all indications where it competed with conventional medicines.
In Europe its use was continued the technique was developed and deepened its use being currently in Portugal implemented in several public and private units, being regulated as medical therapy of the Nomenclature of the Order of Physicians according to the publication of Dec-Law Nº 163/2013 of April 24 and through Ordinance nº20 / 2014 of January 29, the Ministry of Health includes Ozone therapy as treatment recognized by the National Health Service.

For the treatment of our pets (also being used in wild and marine species) indications arise in the management of pain (inflammation and analgesia), infection (bacterial, viral and fungal), immunomodulation (autoimmune and oncologic pathology).

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