Someia Umarji
Médica Veterinária

Cargo: Clinical Director

Clinical Director of ZENVET Integrative Veterinary Medicine since its opening in 2008 in Seixal and Lisbon since 2015.

Licensed by FMV-UTL in 2004.

Post-graduation in Soft Tissue Surgery and Veterinary Acupuncture by ULHT-FMV.

Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Institute (IVAS). It carries out refresher courses in Neurology, Regenerative Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Nutrition and Oncology, these being areas of special interest, as well as the Gold Implant Application Therapy.

Member of the IVAS, Member of the Portuguese Ozone Therapy Society.

President of the Group of Special Interest in Acupuncture at APMVEAC (Portuguese Association of Veterinarian Specialists in Company Animals).

It teaches and organizes courses by ZENVET with National and International trainers, having ZENVET Certificate as a Professional Training entity in 2018 by DGERT (Directorate General of Employment and Labor Relations).

Guest speaker at National and International Congresses and collaborator of the Current Veterinary Journal on the topic of Integrative Medicine.

Recently it is dedicated to the study and application of CBD (Endocanabinoids).


She likes to read, loves to eat and be with his family.

At home he has the company of Toula and Didinha.