Medicina Veterinária Integrativa


Consultation is the first step in diagnosis and most important for the success of any recommended therapy.
It is important to know the patient not only at the time he is evaluated with a complaint but the history that accompanies it.
All physical, environmental and behavioral factors are valued as necessary for diagnosis.
General consultations are also useful in the prevention of diseases and in this sense improvement and maintenance of quality of life. In preventive medicine consultations a personalized follow-up on the protocol of vaccination, deworming, nutrition, lifestyle and the topic of behavior is discussed.


Vaccines and Deworming

Vaccination is an important act in the life course of the patient.

ZENVET dedicates a very complete consultation to the vaccination act, preventing and informing the tutors for all the important issues for the age group in which your partner is, ways to prevent frequent pathologies of the breed, the heights of the year, advising diets, tips on behavior, oral hygiene, atrial and in many cases detecting even changes that the tutor may not have verified.
It is common to be a query where the owner can refer to issues that he has come to detect but does not associate with any particular complaint and together we check the origin of these issues.
The deworming is essential to allow a balanced organism and requires adequate planning for each patient, which planning is done in consultation and indicated on how it should be carried out in the course of the year.
We follow the global guidelines for animal vaccination taking into account the particularities of each patient.
It is now possible to verify vaccine antibody titers as an adjuvant to determine which vaccines to administer.

In patients at risk it is essential to consider this type of evaluation.
Each vaccination and deworming protocol is tailored to the needs of the patient.



Hospitalization consists of the hospitalization of the patient for a period that the veterinarian may deem necessary.
The advantages of this service can be diverse and not only include the stay for administration of medication. During the stay the patient is evaluated regularly and for a series of parameters (temperature, mucosa, cardio-respiratory evaluation, pain control). The regularity and the parameters are defined by the veterinarian and an inmate form is elaborated where all the registries are detailed. Any change in the clinical picture is immediately evaluated and if necessary adjusted in the initial prescription.

Tutors are regularly informed of the clinical condition and visits are encouraged during this time since contact between them is very important in any recovery.

Ambulatory hospitalization is often recommended in non-severe cases so that the patient can be monitored and medicated during the day and returned to their normal home environment for the night.



O serviço de urgências encontra-se disponível 24 horas através do contacto: 913 829 292. Trata-se de um serviço que pretende o mesmo rigor no diagnóstico e tratamento sendo este providenciado com a maior flexibilidade de horário .



If you cannot come to Zenvet, you can use our service of consultation with the Domicile.

We have an appropriate vehicle that allows us to provide on-site assistance or transport the animal to our facilities so that we can take a more complete approach to using our diagnostic tools.

This service needs to be marked.



The petsitting service consists of taking care of the pet in your residence during the absence of the owners. It is a personalized service to each client assuring the habitual routine of the animal like feeding, daily walks and hygiene, always ensuring the animal well-being. Advantages:
– reduces stress because the animal is in a familiar environment;
– has no contact with other animals which may be beneficial in situations of behavioral change;
– the usual routine is maintained (food, walks, …)
– cheaper solution for customers who have more than one animal
– housing continues to be visited and monitored;
This service is performed by the ZENVET team in partnership with other certified caregivers when necessary.

Este serviço é realizado pela equipe da ZENVET em parceria quando necessário com outros cuidadores certificados.



Passeamos o seu melhor amigo!
É óptimo para cães que necessitam de exercício e os donos não estão disponíveis para fazer com regularidade.
dog walking

O tipo e duração do passeio varia com a raça, manutenção da atividade ou questões terapêuticas. É, geralmente, realizado em zonas adjacentes à residência, por pessoas responsáveis, com formação em comportamento animal, primeiros socorros e bem-estar.


  • Ideal quando os donos não têm disponibilidade por questões de trabalho e saúde.
  • Ajuda a desenvolver o tónus muscular, mais importante em animais idosos e em recuperação de lesões anteriores.
  • Garante a manutenção da condição física do animal.
  • É uma solução para o animal se distrair e gastar energias ajudando a algumas questões comportamentais.
  • Aumenta a socialização e comportamento do animal.



“We are what we eat,” says Dr. Emilio Peres. We share the same opinion about our patients. And in this perspective it is necessary to know who they are in the genetic sense (origin and development of races), the needs of each one (by species, by age, by lifestyle) and also the individual predispositions for the pathology. That is, even in a healthy patient it is fundamental to determine which diet is appropriate.


Canine and Feline Aesthetics (Grooming)

estetica-animalCaring for the exterior protects the interior! The main objective is to take care and to treat with professionalism and using technical knowledge, the hair and the skin of the animals according to the race and condition of the hair and skin, and therefore it can be affirmed that it is a personalized service.

The skin and the hair are the first barrier of protection that our animals have in relation to the environment. They are important for maintaining health and well being.


Hotel and Socialization

At ZENVET we recognize the importance of socialization, something that today has diminished for us and for our best friends. We promote activities such as socializing, play and environmental stimulation to maintain important functions such as memory, learning and adaptability, as well as developing new skills: walking on the treadmill, socializing with other animals and people, experiencing situations, noise and getting more comfortable. to the clinic space not just as a place where less good sensations are experienced.

The hotel is a wider service that includes the stay of the best friend for a period of absence of the tutor. All interactions are maintained as in an ATL situation, and medication or other health care and / or routine administration may be required.